Days of Hope in Colombia, Egypt and Tunisia


Landscapes of Hope announced the results of the first application round for its “Days of Hope”. Three activities from Colombia, Egypt and Tunisia will be supported in this round.


Days of Hope are activities and events proposed by Landscapes of Hope community members to bring together civil society actors from different sectors to discuss and to explore possibilities for joint action, or to act collaboratively to address some of the difficult problems currently challenging our world in areas such as freedom of expression, social and economic marginalization, forced displacement and migration, gender inequality and racism and hate speech.


The three selected activities for this round cover three main topics: youth activism and engagement in addressing climate change, empowering and mobilizing women to preserve heritage sites and youth mobilization to tackle misconceptions in marginalized neighbourhoods.


Youth for the Amazon”, proposed by Dejusticia, tries, through an extensive workshop with help from human rights activists, lawyers, scientists, and artists, to teach the youth of Bogota about the different threats facing the Amazon rain-forest in Colombia. The event will encourage the youth to use visual art as means to imagine the environmental degradation that is taking place, and how it will impact their lives and livelihoods.


Women Quilt for Al-Hattaba” is an advocacy and women empowerment activity proposed by Megawra to advocate for the preservation and rehabilitation of the old neighbourhood of Al-Hattaba in historic Cairo. The women of the neighbourhood will join textile artists and a patchwork artisan to make a communal traditional patchwork of Khiyamiyya hanging that tells the women’s history and stories in Al-Hattaba neighbourhood.


Walls of Hope” is a three-day initiative proposed by Fanni Raghman Anni in Tunis, where a group of artists, a Civic Engagement and Youth Empowerment organization, a Legal Education organization and a cultural public institute will engage with local young people in three marginalized areas to create mural arts that carry messages tailored by the young people of these areas. The activity gives the youth a rare opportunity to express themselves and deliver their messages to policy makers and the public to counter negative perceptions about their marginalized areas.


11 proposals were received for this round of Days of Hope from Landscapes of Hope community members covered different issues from child protection to women empowerment, youth mobilization, artistic rights and peace building. Next round of Days of Hope to be announced in July.