Collaborative Projects – 2021

The Collaborative Projects grant is a closed medium-scale grants program only available for Landscapes of Hope’s network members to implement a project in collaboration with other civil society entities from across sector addressing one or more of LoH’s core issues: Freedom of expression, Social and economic marginalization, Refugees, forced displacement and migration, Gender inequality, Youth empowerment , Conflict and reconciliation, Discrimination, racism and hate speech, Environmental degradation, Equal access to healthcare, and Digital access and internet freedom.

5 grants were voted on by Landscapes of Hope’s steering committee in 2021. The selected projects are taking place in Colombia, Venezuela, Egypt, India among others. The grants were awarded to:

Codhez and Dejusticia (Venezuela and Columbia) for their project: Committee of the screwed in collaboration with Hearts on Venezuela will be organizing a series of creative work sessions among civil society organizations in the Global South to foment relationship-building and global analyses among organizations working in countries with grave humanitarian, human rights, or conflict situations through creative expression. The project will take place over one year until August 2022.

In Place of War (IPOW) for their project: In Place of War’s Living Museum in collaboration with partners from Colombia, Palestine, Lebanon, and South Africa, will co-create a living museum and virtual gallery showcasing projects, spaces and places where incredible artists have made stunning artworks in places of conflict. This new space will house exhibitions, cooking and art workshops, immersive 3D tours and artworks located in 120 communities where IPOW’s network of grassroots changemakers work. The project will take place across six months.

ADEF (Egypt) for their project: Dom Tech in partnership with Sareyyet Ramallah.
An artists and makers/techies 10-day residency program that explores the tools around movement and generative choreography and digital sensors, AI, robotics, sound and image that also engages in a critical narrative on social issues in the Arab region. The techies will build the framework and then the performing artists can take on the technology and create a performance. The residency program will take place from 24 March to 2 April 2022.

Digital Empowerment Foundation (India) for their project: Art for Social Change & Digital Rights in collaboration with Digikargha and Voices of Rural India, Indian Heritage Cities Network and Punjab Digital Library
The project aims to implement a sustainable multi-sectoral, culturally relevant, community-led approach to foster social equality through different art forms, local community-based activities and digital technology. The idea is to empower voices and leverage the power of creativity and storytelling to address the country’s greatest problems such as right to food, migration & displacement, lack of freedom of expression vis-a-vis right to information, fake news, mis/disinformation, struggle of artisans, weavers and folk artists due to COVID pandemic.

Conarte (Mexico) for their project: Breaking the chains: Landscaping futures through the arts in collaboration with independent journalist and activist Alina Poulain and Nauyaka productions.
The project consists of receiving 10 people who have been released from jail at La Nana (ConArte headquarters) during a three month period. Throughout this time they will receive courses that revolve around peace culture and updates regarding relevant topics such as gender perspective. In addition a photography workshop will be offered to promote a different outlook and the ability to be self-employed.