Cinema of Solidarity in India



Cinema of Solidarity is a 2 day film festival organized by Landscapes of Hope’s member, Centre for Equity Studies,  that will include screenings of films, presentations by film-makers and film collectives and panel discussions between film-makers and other civil society activists. As part of the festival, there will also be photo exhibitions and workshops with University students to emphasize empathy, dignity and depth in media work around the themes of human rights, social equity, political agency and peace building.


Film Curation: We will invite film-makers from across India to present their films, both fiction and non-fiction and also showcase the films made by the Karwan e Mohabbat initiative by Centre for Equity Studies. These will include films made in the last 5 years as well as a few films from the archives that are known for their path-breaking messaging and social impact.


Presentation: Film collectives that work within communities will be invited to share their journey of making and screening independent films and the impact their work around communications and storytelling has had on social change and the creation of networks of support.


Panel Discussion: One panel discussion on each day will include a panel of media critics, creators and those who use short films as a communication tool to focus on how we can strengthen networks, fight fake news and disinformation and make film- making a tool of the people to tell their own stories.