Action for Hope launches Landscapes of Hope, an informal network of civil society actors working towards effective social change

20 civil society organizations from different countries joined Landscapes of Hope Community, a new initiative launched by Action for Hope in October 2018 to establish a new platform for discussion and collaboration among civil society actors in different sectors such as human rights, arts and culture, development, urban planning and gender equality.  This is the first cohort of Landscapes of Hope Community members, while another cohort will be announced in June.

The initiative explores ways to scale up and consolidate efforts among diverse civil society sectors to address some of the difficult problems currently challenging our world in areas such as freedom of expression, social and economic marginalization, forced displacement and migration, and gender inequality.  It will also highlight the role the arts can play in addressing social change issues.

Landscapes of Hope community members bring diverse experiences of work towards effective social change in situations of distress, especially during and post armed conflict, or under volatile political or economic conditions; and have all achieved evident impact in their respective local, national or regional context.

Very soon, Landscapes of Hope will launch its ambitious program of activities that bring together civil society actors across different sectors called “Days of Hope”, with the aim of bringing the issue of cross sector collaboration to public attention.

Full list of the 20 civil society organizations and their profiles can be found Here.