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Days of Hope Activities Take Place in India, Mexico and Venezuela!

Days of Hope are activities and events proposed by Landscapes of Hope community members to bring together civil society actors from different sectors to discuss and to explore possibilities for joint action, or to act collaboratively to address some of the difficult problems currently challenging our world in areas such as freedom of expression, social and economic marginalization, forced displacement and migration, conflict resolution, gender inequality and racism and hate speech.

Landscapes of Hope announced the results of the second round applications for its “Days of Hope” grant. Three activities from India, Mexico and Venezuela were supported in this round.

Violence Against Women in Venezuela: Challenges and Proposals”, proposed by Codhez: as part of the International Day of the Eradication of Violence Against Women, the civil association Mulier and the Human Rights Commission of the State of Zulia (Codhez) organized the forum “Violence Against Women in Venezuela: Challenges and Proposals.” This initiative was held at the Rafael Urdaneta University (URU) in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela on Monday the 25 th and Tuesday the 26 th of November 2019. The forum composed of two types of participation: the presentation of studies or investigations on violence against women and the presentation of experiences which contribute to the solution of problems that affect women in a differentiated manner.

Mexican Patchworks Project: We say NO to Gender Violence“, presented by ConArte Mexico: a simultaneous activity in four different parts of Mexico, through one local organization in each city that defends human rights, women’s rights and empowers young people to take positive action in favor of social change. Each organization invited a local female visual artist or feminist activist, to organize and facilitate the following action.

Cinema of Solidarity“, proposed by Centre for Equity Studies in India: a 2 day film festival that include screenings of films, presentations by film-makers and film collectives and panel discussions between film-makers and other civil society activists. As part of the festival, there were also photo exhibitions and workshops with university students to emphasize empathy, dignity and depth in media work around the themes of human rights, social equity, political agency and peace building.