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Landscapes of Hope Welcomes New Members

Three civil society organizations from India, Pakistan and Syria join Landscapes of Hope network.

The Centre for Equity Studies from India is an autonomous institution engaged in research and advocacy on issues of social justice. It seeks to inquire into the nature and causes of social injustice and inequity and to collectively, through research and action projects, find methods of moving towards a more equitable world.

Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre is a leading Pakistani organization that works to strengthen women as rights holders claiming rights and redefining parameters of state and society; advocate, promote and mobilize for gender equality and social justice policies and practices.

Dawlaty, a civil society organization founded by Syrian activists as a platform to develop and share content on democratic transition and has collected, archived and shared tactics of the nonviolent movement, as well as testimonies of those affected by the Syrian conflict, with a focus on marginalized groups including young women and men. Dawlaty works through its civic engagement and oral history programs to advocate at the local and international level for an inclusive justice for all Syrians.

The three new members join a network of 23 organizations working together to explore ways to scale up and consolidate efforts among diverse civil society sectors to address some of the difficult problems currently challenging our world in areas such as freedom of expression, social and economic marginalization, forced displacement and migration, and gender inequality.

Full list of the 23 civil society organizations and their profiles can be found on our Community page.