The Impact of Collaboration on Civil Society Work

When a living being targets a malady, the organism’s myriad processes must work in harmony to remedy the arising disorder. Affliction should be addressed the same way within a society, but often humanitarian forces are not in harmony. Usually NGOs, charities, and non-profits operate independently, within the narrow confines of their objective. They may be missing a chance to address a problem in the most effective way possible by a cross-sectoral approach. Of course, we can say with confidence that an organism will always be more perfect in its harmony. However, we can always try to emulate the cross-modular approach that we see in nature and ensure that we approach civil problems with a more holistic approach.

In this video, we asked members of Landscapes of Hope community how collaboration across civil society sectors increase the impact of their work. How they made benefits out of collaboration and partnerships, and how Landscapes of Hope supports their collaboration efforts.