New Two Members Join Landscapes of Hope Network

New Two Members Join Landscapes of Hope Network

Two civil society organizations from the UK and Venezuela join Landscapes of Hope network.

Counterpoints Arts is a UK based leading organization in the field of arts, migration and cultural change. Its mission is to support and produce the arts by and about migrants and refugees, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognized and welcomed within the British arts, history and culture. Counterpoints believes that arts can inspire social change and enhance inclusion and cultural integration of refugees and migrants. Counterpoints works across all art forms and collaborates with a range of people and partners, including artists, arts/cultural and educational organizations and civil society activists.

The Commission for Human Rights of the State of Zulia (CODHEZ – Comisión para los Derechos Humanos del Estado Zulia) is a human rights organization based in Maracaibo, Venezuela dedicated to the defense, promotion, and documentation of human rights in the State of Zulia. Codhez seeks the democratization of Venezuela through the fight for justice and the empowerment of civil society in the struggle to defend human rights.

The two new members join a network of 23 organizations from 16 countries working together to explore ways to scale up and consolidate efforts among diverse civil society sectors to address some of the difficult problems currently challenging our world in areas such as freedom of expression, social and economic marginalization, forced displacement and migration, and gender inequality.

Full list of the 25 civil society organizations and their profiles can be found on our Community page.